Super TET Reasoning Syllabus PDF for 2023-24

The reasoning is one of the most important skills that one can possess. It helps us in our day-to-day activities. For example, if you are driving a car and another car suddenly crosses your path, you should be able to judge whether the driver is slowing down or speeding up. If he or she is speeding up, you will need to slow down your car too. This involves understanding what the other person is going to do and taking a decision accordingly.

Generally, reasoning questions are asked at the time of exams like SSC/IBPS/Banking/Supertet or any other competitive exams. One can improve his reasoning skills by solving reasoning questions from various newspapers/magazines.

A large number of exams in India have a section on General Awareness which often includes a few reasoning-based questions. Such exams include IBPS, NCERT, CDS, Super TET, etc. Furthermore, even the CAT and other major MBA entrance examinations have a few reasoning-based questions.

Let’s talk about the Reasoning in Super Tet exam, which is a teaching exam compulsory for UP Government Teachers.

Full Reasoning Syllabus for Super Tet for 2023-24 Exam?

Symbols and Notations :

An important part of the reasoning is to understand the symbols used in Reasoning questions. This post will explain some basic as well as advanced symbols which are used in various reasoning questions.

Critical Reasoning:

To understand Critical Reasoning, you need to understand the term Premise and Conclusion. These are the statements which you need to find in an argument/statement. The Premise is the statement which provides support to the Conclusion. Like if you are asked to find out the Premise in this argument – “All girls are Cows”, then it should be read as “If ‘P’, then ‘Q’”. As obvious, Q represents ‘are cows’.

Cube Number Series:

Cube Number Series questions are a type of questions in which you need to find out the next number according-to some rules.

In Cube Number Series, when an order is given from 1 to i , then the required series will be :

1, 8, 27, 64 ……. 3⁴


Puzzles are an array of questions in which one has to find out the next member in the particular sequence (see examples below).

“What is 28% of 70?”

“A can do a piece of work in 12 days and B can complete it in 8 days. Together, they can complete it in :”

These types of questions are common in the Super Tet exam.


A series is a set of numbers that follow some rule. For example:

Series : 1, 9 , 17, 25, 33…..

Question: Find out the next number?

The answer is 43. The next number in this series would be 44.

Data Interpretations:

Data Interpretations questions are a set of questions in which you need to interpret the data given and answer some specific questions based on the data.

In Data Interpretations, there may be graphs or tables from which one can find out trends or patterns. These types of questions are common in most competitive exams.

Direction Sense Test:

Direction Sense Test is one of the most common types of reasoning questions in competitive exams.

The question asks you to find out the direction of a particular object from a point. For example: From Point A, if we have to find out the direction of an airplane, then we need to imagine that we are standing at Point A and looking at the airplane. The direction in which our head moves while we are looking at the object is known as the ‘direction of vision’. So, in this question, we will need to find out in which direction one’s head would move if they were facing Point A and looking in the direction of the airplane.

Binary Logic:

Binary Logic questions are a set of questions in which one has to work out the next member by applying the rules. These types of questions are common in competitive exams.

In Binary Logic, there is a rule for everything and you need to find out the next member according to these rules. For example: If 3 + 7 = 10, then what is -5 + 7?

The answer would be 2.


In this type of question, you need to find out the group of a certain member.

For example: All Birds can fly. Some Cats are Birds. What is the possibility of a cat that cannot fly?

The answer would be ‘there is no such cat’. This means that if a Cat cannot fly, then it should not be a bird as well.


Calendars is a type of question where you need to find out what day of the week will be on 1st January 2020.

For example: What day of the week would it be on 1st January 2020?

The answer would be Friday.


In this type of question, you are given a certain coded message. The coded message is somewhat similar to what you can find in cryptograms. To decode the message, you need to replace the alphabets with their substitutes.

For example: G = J, B = P, R = Z

The original message would be ‘JBRPZ’.

These questions can be easily solved using the following formula :

D = S + C – B, where D is decode, S is original message, C is code and B is the first alphabet of the coded message.

Download Reasoning Syllabus in PDF for Super Tet 2020

You can download the entire reasoning syllabus from the link and save it on your hardisk to refer it while preparing for the exam. Make sure you stick to the latest super tet syllabus to crack the exam in first attempt.

How to Prepare for Reasoning Syllabus for Super TET?

There are various books available in the market. You can buy them and start solving the questions. These books will help you know about all the types of reasoning question asked in competitive exams. Another way to prepare is by using online material, such as Chandra Academy and Target with Alok.

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