Super Tet Previous Year Question Papers in PDF (68500 and 69000)

Download pdfs of previous super tet exams and start preparing yourself for the future teacher. The first super tet exam was conducted in 2018. At that time the exam pattern was subjective, in which candidates had to write one-word answer in their answer sheets. The exam was moderate but as this was the new exam pattern, only 41000 candidates were able to pass the exam.  If you would like to download 68500 super tet previous year question paper then you can download it from the post.

Why You Should Solve Super Tet Previous Year Question Papers

There are multiple benefits of solving old question papers to know more about the exam pattern and complexity of the exam. You should always keep in mind, practicing exam papers before the exams always helps in performing good in the examination hall.

  1. Helps you to understand the exam pattern.
  2. It helps you to manage your time on different sections.
  3. Provides you guidelines, to study which topic at what depth and which topics can be ignored.
  4. You’ll get an idea what types of questions are asked in the exam.
  5. Candidate can practice old questions and learn how to speed up their question solving capability.
  6. Some topics are very limited and new questions can’t be created with them. So, 99% of the cases you’ll get exact same question in your super tet 2023-2024

68500 Super Tet Exam Question Paper (2018)

In 2018, we had the super tet exam for the first time. Although it was a descriptive 1-word exam but we have the pdf below so you can practice the old questions.

69000 Super Tet Exam Question Paper (2019)

You should always have the correct answer key while solving the previous year exam papers. With 69000 super tet previous year paper, you’ll also get the solution. Download the old papers from here and starting preparing hard from today itself.


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